Accomodation service

The Student integration Office help students in finding accommodation. It receives the requests, advises the students in their research and accompanies them during all the steps of renting. Several platforms are at the disposal of the students:

Our students are looking for accommodation near the campus or public transportation.
They are looking for either :

  • independent housing
  • shared apartments to share

We also welcome foreign students for an exchange of a few months in September and January of each year. These students are looking for furnished accommodations.

N’hésitez pas chers propriétaires à prendre contact avec notre bureau et  déposer votre annonce. Vous êtes un futur  étudiant à l’ISB, et vous avez besoin d’un logement ?

All you have to do is apply for STUDENTS SUPPORT SERVICE!

Important : Any application submitted does not result in automatic attribution. Nevertheless, we will do our best to accommodate every student who requests it. The allocations are subject to availability. A waiting list will be put in place.

Any incomplete file will not be studied.