The MBA program of the ISB is both innovative and interactive. It focuses on entrepreneurship and is open to the international business world.

The teaching method is based on practical applications, illustrations and solutions to business problems, in accordance with professional activities and responsibilities.

Aiming at students’ success, the system includes a personalized tutoring centered on the project of each participant. The program is adapted to different profiles to foster the training.

Finally, the MBA program develops a dynamic network in different areas of activity.

The MBA degree is intended for business leadership in strategy, marketing, finance, human resources and management.

It offers candidates the opportunity to foster their skills while benefiting from two different approaches of European and Anglo-Saxon business management. This program provides them with the elements to compare and analyze in order to help them build their own management style.

The MBA program aims at equipping the students with the knowledge and skills they need to design, manage business and improve business performance. This program enables students to develop an overall vision of the company's administration and the necessary know-how to manage its operations.

By the end of the program, graduates will have a better ability to solve management and administration problems, and will use the available technologies and analytical methods to find solutions to international business management problems. They will also have better communication skills, better ability to work in teams and to collaborate with international partners.

This program is accessible to any candidate holding a License in Management or Engineering or any equivalent degree. Fluency in French and English is required. Admission to this program is based on a selective interview and the application is reviewed by a committee of academics and professionals.

Applying for MBA requires:

  • A detailed resume
  • A transcript
  • The diplomas obtained
  • Experiences, references and performed internships and any other useful document

Holders of MBA degree have the opportunity to get any senior management position in international and multinational companies such as general manager, administrative and financial director, senior banking executive, director responsible for information systems, chief financial controller, human resources director and more.