Professional master in internal audit

The objective of the Master's degree in Internal Audit is to :

  • prepare and develop the technical and human skills of auditors at the end of the graduate level or of professionals in the fields of audit, management control and information systems;
  • develop behaviours and skills in harmony with their function;
  • specialize their skills according to the desired professional paths in a logic of training-action and individualized seminars.

In this sense, this master's degree aims to train students who want to become internal auditors, consultants or information systems auditors by enabling them to acquire certain skills, namely: analytical skills (ability to identify irregularities, analyse and evaluate systems); operational skills (ability to research, mobilise and apply acquired knowledge, set up audit plans, produce consolidated statements, etc.) and technical skills (repeated knowledge and use of techniques related to software packages and ERP, etc.).

This master's degree develops the professions of internal auditor, advisor and auditor of information systems through quality training. This course provides the student with preparation for international certifications CIA (Certified Internal Auditors) & CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditors) in these areas.

Pour intégrer le mastère professionnel en audit interne, le candidat doit être titulaire d’une licence en comptabilité, en finance, en gestion, ou d’un diplôme équivalent. Après examen du dossier par la commission du mastère, le candidat sera convié à un entretien pour décider de la recevabilité finale de sa candidature.

Semester 1

  • Contrôle de gestion approfondi
  • Strategic management
  • Business Law
  • Business English 1
  • Logiciels de statistiques appliquées
  • IFRS Reporting Standards: Disclosure in XBRL
  • Essential IFRS standards
  • CAC and external audit

Semester 2

  • Business English 2
  • Taxation of the company
  • Diagnosis and evaluation of companies
  • Business Finance
  • Normes IFRS et difficultés comptables
  • Consolidation
  • Risk Management and Internal Control
  • Project management
  • Communication en entreprise
  • Systèmes d’information de gestion

Semester 3

  • Audit informatique (ISA, ITIL, ISO)
  • Normes et processus d’audit des SI
  • Cas de synthèse en audit des SI
  • Cas de synthèse en audit interne
  • Cas de synthèse en conseil
  • Progiciels métiers
  • Droit des entreprises en difficultés
  • Compétences de base en relations interpersonnelles
  • Professional seminars

Semester 4

  • Internship
  • Internal Auditor,
  • Auditor in information system,
  • Head of Information Systems,
  • Director of the information systems,
  • Internal consultant in management,
  • Management Advisor.