Co-constructed professional master in property engineering

The main objective of the co-constructed professional master's degree in real estate engineering is to satisfy the growing demand for skills in the national real estate sector. More precisely, this master's degree aims to :

  • Promote the real estate profession through the training of real estate professionals, specialized in the building industry and seeking to master modern commercial negotiation tools.
  • Train multi-specialty management professionals (business management, financial management, people management, marketing and commercial guarantee management, project management, IT, technology) in the real estate sector, combining basic training with others that focus on state-of-the-art professional practices :
    • Train high-level managers with technical, legal, commercial and financial skills to ensure consistency between strategy and market research, design and choice of materials, assembly of operations, construction monitoring and management of built assets.
    • To train highly qualified technical and commercial executives, specialized in the real estate world and mastering modern techniques and tools of commercial negotiation, real estate sales, communication and customer care,
    • Train real estate professionals capable of mastering real estate and rental management, real estate techniques and real estate expertise.
  • To promote, following a strong proximity between teaching and expertise, a mastery of high-level skills. Participants thus benefit from a very rich scientific and pragmatic environment, which promotes professional integration in cutting-edge fields.

The co-constructed professional master's degree in real estate engineering is aimed for :

  • Students holding licenses (or more) in all specialities (management, finance, IT, civil engineering, planning, urban planning, architecture, law or equivalent).
  • Real estate professionals: real estate developers, construction companies, real estate agents, insurance companies, architects, landscape planners, development companies, land surveyors, land department employees, land prospectors, test and expertise laboratories, design offices, control offices, etc.

Admission to this master's degree is based on academic criteria, and on an interview for candidates with the admission committee.

Semester 1

  • Real estate professions
  • The Tunisian real estate market
  • Editing real estate transactions
  • Real estate economics
  • Urban planning and development
  • Land Prospecting
  • Marketing and real estate strategy
  • Planning law
  • Real Estate Law
  • English Real Estate 1
  • Project Management and Conduct (HRM)

Semester 2

  • Semest Circular economy
  • Property investment
  • Real estate finance
  • Trading techniques
  • Real Estate Market Studies
  • Real estate and sustainable development : Eco-construction
  • Real estate tax law
  • English Real Estate 2
  • Assessment of professionals and real estate practices
  • Tutored project

Semester 3

  • Building technology
  • Programming and project management
  • Real estate asset management
  • Building intelligence
  • Eco-labelling of real estate
  • Foundation of Eco-projects for real estate
  • Environmental communication of the company
  • Risk management strategy
  • Strategy and crisis management
  • Purchases by trustees and administrators
  • ERP-CRM real estate
  • IT tools for real estate

Semester 4

  • Seminars Methodology
  • Land expert,
  • Real estate expert,
  • Building Project Manager,
  • Expert Engineer in eco-design of buildings,
  • Technical Assistant to the Project Ownership (AMO) integrated during the design, construction and operation phases,
  • Expert in management of short-term real estate loans, real estate loans to individuals,
  • Project leaders,
  • Project Engineers,
  • Market Research Manager,
  • Consulting, expertise and upstream studies (opportunity, feasibility ...) in Tunisia and abroad (Africa, Europe, ...) on projects, design and / or rehabilitation of buildings and housing.