Professional Master In Accounting

The Professional Master in Accounting prepares students for the national examination of accounting audit as well as managerial functions and taking responsibility in business.

Considered to be the best way to become a public certified accountant, the professional masters in accounting during the two years train specialists in accounting, management control, finance, taxation and auditing. It is in this sense that the teaching delivered by academics and business professionals combines traditional courses (in-depth and international accounting, corporate law, taxation, etc.), management techniques (corporate finance and market, management and management control, financial and organizational audit, ...) and transversal disciplines (economy, information systems, strategy, English, ...).

Accessible to any student holding a d in accounting, this master's degree prepares candidates to:

  • Acquire world-wide skills required for the exercise of auditing and accounting professions.
  • Access the functions of senior and managerial staff in the administrative and financial departments of the company (consolidation, internal audit, management control, etc.) and the auditing and consulting professions in accounting and auditing firms.

Applicants for the professional Master in accounting must hold a license in accounting. After the file’s examination by the license’s committee, candidates will be invited to sit for a test and an interview to decide the final admissibility of his application.

Semester 1

  • International Financial Reporting Standards (1)
  • Assessment and business combinations
  • Comprehensive Commercial Company Law
  • In-depth tax
  • Financial markets and asset valuation
  • Management control (in-depth and strategic)
  • International economy
  • Business English

Semester 2

  • International Financial Reporting Standards (2)
  • Financial audit and professional ethics (1)
  • Collective proceedings law
  • Judicial expertise and arbitration
  • Tax benefits
  • Financial engineering
  • Business Finance
  • Information system management

Semester 3

  • Financial statements consolidation
  • Financial audit and professional ethics (2)
  • Office of the Commissioner (Accounts and Contributions)
  • Criminal law of business affairs
  • International Tax
  • Control and litigation in tax matters
  • International Finance
  • Business Strategy

Semester 4

  • Internship
  • Public certified Accountant
  • Internal Auditor
  • Statutory auditor
  • Accounting and Finance Manager
  • Management control
  • Tax Auditor