The co-constructed agro-food master's program will train future managers and decision-makers in the marketing, sales, processing and distribution of food products. The future graduates will distinguish themselves by their mastery of the challenges and techniques of marketing and export specific to the agri-food sector and the mastery of strategies and processes of digitalization of business models, big data analysis, CRM, ERP...

In fact, this master's degree aims to train multidisciplinary skills (marketing, communication, agri-food techniques, etc.). Its objective is to train managers directly operational in companies and other organizations. Graduates of this master's degree will thus be able to work in the agri-food sector in several positions.

Advantages of this master's degree :

  • The implementation of a training cycle on the agri-food sector using modern management and marketing tools for companies.
  • This master's degree focuses on advanced training such as project management, market research in the agri-food industry, food and health, economics and agri-food sectors, languages (Italian, Chinese, Spanish...)
  • Interactive and theoretical-practical pedagogical approach.
  • Pedagogical content directly related to the reality and needs of the market
  • Partners and companies very involved in the pedagogical process

Applicants for this Master must hold an a fundamental or applied license. Admission depends on academic criteria and on an interview for candidates with the admission committee.

Semester 1

  • Organizational management
  • Organizational Information System
  • Strategic marketing
  • Marketing of agri-food products
  • English
  • Economy and agribusiness
  • Assessment of professionals (certification) and professional practices
  • Application to the Integrated Management System (ERP CRM)
  • Computer use of SPSS / SAS software in practice
  • Economic Law and Agribusiness Law
  • Competition law applied to the food industry

Semester 2

  • Agri-Food Strategy and Communication
  • Logistics and distribution of agri-food products
  • Agri-food products specifications
  • Change management
  • Conflict management
  • Food and health
  • Organoleptic quality of food
  • Italian
  • Entretien d’évaluation annuelle, prise d’objectifs
  • Stress management
  • Marketing simulation software
  • Marketing decisional statistics

Semester 3

  • Preservation and food packaging techniques
  • Labeling standards and food additives
  • Market study of the food industry
  • Market / customer segmentation.
  • Spanish
  • Project Management
  • Logiciel de traitement et analyse des données biostatistiques
  • Criminal law of business affairs
  • Droit de brevets et propriété industrielle
  • Professional seminars on targeted agri-food sectors
  • Tutored project

Semester 4

  • Internship : Methodology seminars
  • Product manager
  • Marketing Manager / Food Marketing Consultant and Digital Marketing
  • Market Research Manager
  • Commercial Wholesale Dry Foods (ROME)
  • Food Department Manager (ROME)
  • Food Departments Manager (ROME)
  • Head of Food Department (ROME)
  • Head of Food Products Sector (ROME)
  • Food Research Technician (ROME)
  • Sales Marketing Manager - Product Manager
  • Head of Industrial Performance Improvement
  • Industrial Management Controller
  • Digital Food Business Manager