National License in Business Law


The objective of the national License in Business Law is to train students capable of mastering the principles of law in general and business law in particular, which allows them to get various jobs in the business world, and to ensure transversal training focused on the business world and different from classical paths based on the distinction between private and public law.

Studying three years in Business Law allows students first to develop the legal skills that are necessary to judge cases involving commercial companies, investment companies and banks, then to be able to provide information and effective consulting especially in investment law and tax matters and finally, to focus on the basic subjects that will enable them to prepare for national examinations.

Applicants for Business Law License must hold a baccalaureate degree or an equivalent foreign degree. After the file's examination by the licensee's committee, candidates will be invited to sit for a test and an interview to decide the final admissibility of his application.

Semester 1

  •  Constitutional law general theory
  • Introduction to Law Study
  • General Theory of Right
  • Legal Methodology
  • Human rights
  • Islamic legislation
  • Languages

Semester 2


  • Constitutional law Political systems
  • Administrative regulation
  • Money Law
  • Political Sociology
  • General Penal Code
  • Tunisian judicial organization
  • Languages
  • Computer science

Semester 3

  • Public Finance
  • Administrative activity
  • General Theory of Contract Commitment
  • Environmental and Sustainable Development Law
  • Commercial law 1
  • Criminal proceedings
  • Languages
  • Computer science

Semester 4

  • Administrative disputes
  • The general theory of liability obligation
  • Family Law
  • Parliamentary law
  • Code of Civil Procedure
  • Introduction to accounting and management
  • Languages
  •  Computer science

Semester 5

  • Commercial Law 2
  • Private contracts
  • Private International Law
  • Labor law
  • Private Penal Code
  • Methods of implementation
  • Languages

Establishing institutions

Semester 6


  • Insurance Act
  • Companies laws
  • Collective Procedures Law
  • Commercial paper and payment methods
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Transport and Insurance Law
  • Languages
  • Communication and Human Development Techniques
  • Business lawyer
  • Magistrate
  • Legal or Tax Advisor
  • Lawyer in a bank, insurance company or investment company
  • Notary
  • Bailiff

After getting a national license in Business Law, students may pursue their studies in research master or professional master in Business Law in Tunisia or at our partner universities.