There are various points that make this program interesting and attractive.

  • The challenges in business administration are constantly changing. For this reason, the International School of Business provides its students with the resources and knowledge they need to develop their skills to prepare them for the world of business and institutions. The launch of this university was carried out in collaboration with the government's efforts to boost Tunisia's economy and improve our international competitive standards.

The LBA covers the following subjects: Accounting, finance, marketing, information systems management, business engineering, risk management, entrepreneurship and e-business.

It provides substantial knowledge built on solid foundation to train students who will develop the necessary skills to become future managers of contemporary organizations.

This program is designed to provide graduates with the theoretical foundation and practical skills that help them build a career in management. The main focus will be on creativity, communication, financial management, business studies, market analysis, project planning and management skills

  • An LBA at the ISB to act on the international stage:
    The ISB "Bachelor of Business Administration" is taught entirely in English and combines recent technologies and online learning. The ISB works in partnership with the faculties of administration of a university network.

To join the LBA program at the ISB, applicants have to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Holding high school degree (bachelor’s degree)
  • Good results in English and mathematics in Baccalaureate exam and a good level in those fields. (All LBA courses are taught in English).

Admission to this program must be approved by the admission committee of the undergraduate program.

To graduate, students must obtain a minimum of 2 GPAs per year, out of a maximum of 4.

The student will have a total of 51 courses corresponding to 180 credits, which consists of 33 Business Core Requirements Courses (BCOR) and 18 Non-Business Core Requirements Courses (NBCRs). The total number of credits should be as follows:

  1. Core Activity Requirement Courses (131 credits from the program of study).
  2. Core Activity Requirement Courses (131 credits from the program of study).

The "Business Administration License" from ISB Sfax prepares students for employment in private or public companies or agencies. Graduates can also become independent contractors or work in consulting firms. They can act both locally and internationally.

Professional perspectives

Here are some career options for this graduate:

  • Business manager (local or international level)
  • Administrator
  • Head of Operations
  • Management Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Independent company operator

As a graduate of the "LBA", you can also pursue a university career by enrolling in Masters in Accounting, Finance, Marketing or MBA.

International academic perspective

Our students also have the opportunity to study abroad to gain a unique cultural and business experience in another country. Professional partnerships also provide opportunities for students to complete internships to gain experience. This allows them to build a network and gain confidence in the job market.

The ISB has a number of university partnerships. We value these relationships as they provide the resources to deliver experiences to our students and help them expand their learning.