After obtaining the ISB diploma, several alternatives are proposed to follow master's studies with our university partners:

  • Track 3+1
      • American Business School of Paris (France)
      • CEFAM International School Lyon (France)
  • Track 3+2
      • Concordia of College of New York (USA)
      • Montpelier Business School (France)
      • YSCHOOLS Troyes (France)
      • ESC Clermont Ferrand (France)
      • IDRAC Business School (France)
      • American Business School of Paris (France)
      • ICD International Business School Paris/Toulouse (France)
      • IFAG School of Management for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (9 campuses in France)
      • ESAM Paris/Lyon (France)

Students who wish to continue their studies abroad are required to submit their applications to the International Office on time (early April).

For further details, please contact the international office