Our students abroad

Many of our students went abroad to pursue their studies or to work. They are our ambassadors there.

International students at ISB

L’ISB accueille de nombreux étudiants étrangers, de l’Afrique subsaharienne francophone et anglophone, mais aussi des étudiants du reste du monde. L’ISB met l’accent sur la maitrise de langues vivantes avec un enseignement renforcé visant la certification internationale en sus des certifications en management. Une partie des Teaching is fostered by visiting professors from foreign universities.

The ISB welcomes international students as part of the exchange program and as part of internships as well.

Cultural event day/evening

In order to promote international openness and cultural diversity, the International School of Business (ISB) organizes a day /evening of cultural exchange in a warm and friendly atmosphere among our students of different nationalities.

A source of exchange, innovation and creativity, the cultural diversity of students on our campus, marked by the presence of more than 12 nationalities, is an important achievement that needs to be celebrated!

This evening/cultural day is the ideal opportunity for our students to discover each other's traditions and heritage from other countries. This initiative, which focuses on building relationships and fostering integration, aims to strengthen the spirit of solidarity, friendship, tolerance and mutual support among students. This evening/day also contributes to social development and economic growth in Sfax.

During this event, students will enjoy music, tasting traditional plates, traditional clothes show, competitions, games and entertainment.

International students can benefit from guidance and support. All they need to do is to consult the international office of the ISB or the student’s affairs office that will help them integrate and find accommodation.