Listening and coaching unit

Concerned about the well-being of its students and in order to give them every opportunity to adapt and integrate and consequently, to develop and succeed, the ISB has set up a Psychological Listening and Support Unit run by a psychologist FREE OF CHARGE. The purpose of the Psychological Listening and Support Unit is to receive, listen to and support ISB students who are going through individual or personal situations that give them stress, pressure or even anxiety, on the basis of absolute confidentiality.

Our psychologist's mission is to offer personalized support, empathetic listening, advice and guidance through a series of individual or group interviews in order to enable students to find their own solutions to problems that block their success or development within the institute. It helps the student in his relations with his environment, to communicate differently, to take a different look at himself and to restore his potential.

Our institution makes every effort to ensure proximity and responsiveness between students and all educational and administrative teams through a platform. This proximity makes it possible to support students at each stage of their career and allows them to build their future in good conditions, in a friendly environment. Hours of support are provided for students when needed.