Partnership with University of Luxembourg

Since its foundation in 2013, the International School of Business has built an effective strategy that sheds light on diversified initiatives for integrating the international and intercultural dimensions into study programs covering undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels.

A set of cooperation agreements were signed with French universities such us Université de Lorraine, L’école 3A Lyon, The American Business School of Paris, Web International School, Montpellier Business School, Yschools in Troyes, etc. These agreements gave ISB students the opportunity to experience exchange programs, pursue their studies abroad (Master Degrees) and perform internships within international institutions abroad.

The recent partnership was established with University of Luxembourg and it is the first cooperation in the framework of Erasmus+ program. It is mainly based on students, staff and teacher mobility. It aims at creating new opportunities and new challenges. Our ISB students will get the chance to go on an exchange for one semester without paying the tuition fees of the host university and with an Erasmus scholarship. For teachers and staff, the stay is about one week. There are 3 dimensions in this partnership. For staff exchange, the focus is on building institutional capacity by getting inspired from new perspectives and best international practices. For teachers, the emphasis is on teaching empowerment by being exposed to new teaching approaches. For students, this partnership project could enhance cultural exchange through building new relationships and learning about a foreign country.

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